What we know about genetics and "ethnicity"

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Source: Nature Genetics

Date: 10/26/2004


Summary: Commentary by the director of the National Institutes of Health (former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute) regarding the use of racial labels and genetic information in health care research.

Program Context:

  • For more on the nature of ancestral genetic markers, see the learning module Population Issues.
  • Populations differences in traits and gene frequency are discussed further in the learning module Variation.
  • Contributions of genes and environment are explored further in the learning module Gene-Environment Interaction.
  • Linking Genes with Environment provides an example of research that examines the combined influence of genes and social environment.
  • For an example of research integrating social and genetic perspectives on race and population differences, see the case study Initiating Collaborations
  • The Research in Action case study Crossing Disciplines discusses the role of genetics in health disparities between populations.


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