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Medicine's Future: A Genomics Curriculum for Clinicians
Engaging clinicians in continuing education to integrate genomics into th...
GeneFacts is a point-of-care, decision-support system for non-geneticists...
Colorectal Cancer: Is Your Patient at High Risk?
Learn to identify patients at increased risk for hereditary colorectal c...


Web site is moving to a new location

The resources and courses on this website are being updated and moved at the end of this month. In August, you will be redirected to Clinical and Continuing Education at the Jackson Laboratory. Much of the content has already been moved. We encourage you to visit the new materials and change your bookmarks.

NCHPEG & partners release two new programs!

NCHPEG, The Jackson Laboratory, and partners are excited to announce the launch of two new educational programs for pediatric and neurology providers

Genomics for Child Neurology is a program for child neurology educators and clinicians that addresses genomic risk assessment, genetic and genomic testing, and communication with families about genomic data.

ABCs of Chromosomal Microarray is a resource for developmental and behavioral pediatricians on indications for and interpretation of chromosomal microarray (CMA).

NCHPEG transitions to The Jackson Laboratory

Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce that with the closing of NCHPEG, our important work will continue under the leadership of The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) of Bar Harbor, Maine. JAX is a nonprofit genetics research institution with a deep commitment to genetics and genomics education. JAX will maintain NCHPEG’s educational programs and websites so that they can continue to be freely available to the healthcare community, while also developing new programs. After a period of transition, the NCHPEG identifiers on existing programs and materials will sunset.   

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Announcing the Pregnancy & Health Profile: A Risk Assessment & Screening Tool

The Pregnancy and Health Profile is now available to heathcare providers!  

The Pregnancy and Health Profile is a free, state-of-the-art, computer-based tool to help identify and address potential pregnancy conditions and family history risks that may put the health of the woman or her baby at increased risk.

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Point of Care Tools

Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Resources Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Resources Tools for risk, screening, testing and collaboration.
Communicating Risk Fact Sheet Communicating Risk Fact Sheet Quick Tips for Risk Communication
Genetic Red Flags Genetic Red Flags Quick Tips for Risk Assessment
Family History Tool Family History Tool Information about Family History Collection
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act A Discussion Guide for Clinicians
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  • Annual Meeting Slides

NCHPEG produces newsletters periodically throughout the year. Initially, these newsletters focused on topics in family history. Currently, each newsletter considers a single topic from different perspectives.

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Every year, NCHPEG hosts an Annual Meeting on a relevant topic in genetics education.  Past topics have included common disease, pharmacogenomics, and family history risk assessment.  Speakers include experts in diverse areas of medicine, research, and education.  Speakers have generously granted us permission to post their slides for viewing and educational use.

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