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Established in 1996 by the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, and the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics (NCHPEG) is an "organization of organizations" committed to a national effort to promote health professional education and access to information about advances in human genetics. NCHPEG members are an interdisciplinary group of leaders from more than 50 diverse health professional organizations, consumer and volunteer groups, government agencies, private industry, managed care organizations, and genetics professional societies. NCHPEG draws on the collective expertise and experience of our members to accomplish our shared mission and vision: 


Improved health care through informed use of genomic resources.


NCHPEG's mission is to integrate genomics into healthcare practice by:

  1. promoting health professional education;
  2. partnering with communities;
  3. facilitating collaborations;
  4. anticipating needs; and
  5. building products and tools. 

The sheer volume of new information now at the disposal of biomedical researchers and health-care providers is transforming our understanding of disease processes – including those of common, chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and mental illness – and is changing the delivery of health care. Yet, the rapid pace of the science and the relative paucity of professional training in genetics combine to leave many providers without satisfactory answers for their patients. As patients ask more questions about genetic tests and disease risk, more responsibility for the use and interpretation of genetic tests and information will fall to primary care physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses who may not be formally trained in genetics.

Under the leadership of Joseph McInerney, NCHPEG’s first executive director, NCHPEG developed partnerships with diverse organizations and created programs to meet the needs of genetic counselors, nurses, physician assistants, dentists, and speech language pathologists and audiologists, among others.  Joan Scott continued NCHPEG’s work, leading the organization as genomic medicine reached a new level of relevance for providers. During her time at the helm, NCHPEG staff and partners developed programs that were technology specific (e.g., non-invasive prenatal testing, chromosomal microarray) and provider-specific (e.g., child neurologists, primary care providers).  

In October 2013, NCHPEG and The Jackson Laboratory entered into an agreement to transfer NCHPEG operations and content.  The Jackson Laboratory is starting a clinical and continuing education program, which shares the NCHPEG mission and vision as well as key former NCHPEG staff members.  Read more about this agreement in the press release.   



What We Do

NCHPEG has worked to integrate genetics content into the knowledge base of health professionals and students of the health professions by developing educational tools and information resources that are accessible and useful to the target audience.  NCHPEG has accomplished this work through strengthening the connections among member organizations, facilitating the creation of quality educational materials, and providing technical assistance to individuals, organizations, and health professionals who have questions about genetics or genetics education.



Board of Directors

For much of its existence, NCHPEG's Board of Directors comprised a diverse 15-member board elected by NCHPEG member organizations.  The NCHPEG Board has expertise in genetic and primary care medicine, nursing, public health, advocacy, bioethics, and education.  

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NCHPEG members constituted an interdisciplinary group of leaders from diverse consumer and voluntary groups, government agencies, private industry, managed-care organizations, and genetics professional societies, as well as individuals interested in genetics education. By promoting frequent and open communication between stakeholders, NCHPEG has sought to capitalize on the collective expertise and experience of members and to reduce duplication of effort.

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Read about NCHPEG awards, and Staff and Board honors.

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All of NCHPEG’s programs and educational content are available free of charge. Unless otherwise noted, NCHPEG has copyright on all content on this site. We require written permission for all reproduction and/or adaptation of our published works. 

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